Lifetime Warranty

is applicable to the original purchaser with a bill of sale • Product Function: All Rubinet products are guaranteed against factory defects or poor workmanship and will be repaired or replaced at no charge. • Product Finishes: Any product found to be defective due to blemishes or discolouration will be refinished or replaced at no charge. • All Drain Finishes not covered under warranty

Warranty not valid if:

• Improperly installed. • Plumbers putty is used. • Cleaners containing chemicals or abrasives are used. • Unique customized configurations not normally offered by Rubinet are used. • Unique special finishes not normally offered by Rubinet are used. • Misuse of Drains is evident.


• The use of warm water and a soft cloth to dry is all that is required to clean Rubinet products. The Patina of our living finishes (Oil Rubbed Bronze & Tuscan Brass) will change as a result of normal use. Applying Mineral Oil on occasion will create a softer look, subtle color changes, and character.


• Rubinet is not responsible for labour charges or damages in connection with the sale, use, installation or replacement of Rubinet Products.